6月1日,全球最大的域名平台GoDaddy在其官方Blog撰文《Web3 Identities: Opportunities and Risks》,文中阐述了web3域名的重要性以及风险,并号召其全球的合作伙伴和客户,重视且保护自身相关的web3域名。具体内容已邀请11K Club成员2111.eth帮忙翻译,现将译文以及原文附上,再次感谢2111.eth的义务帮忙,如觉得本文对您有益,可通过给2111.eth支付erc20的任何代币赞赏。




这些域名不在传统网站中使用,通常被称为区块链域名或者域名NFT。Web3身份证明比如.eth被用来简化区块链钱包的名称。一些用户正在使用 .eth 或者 .crypto作为他们的区块链钱包名字,而不是采用一长串的字符。此外,我们在Twitter等社交媒体平台上也看到越来越多用户将此类身份证明作为自己的用户名。







Blockchain technology has presented new opportunities and risks, and as the partner to many of the world’s leading brands, GCD is assisting its customers in navigating this fast-changing space.

These Web3 identities, like GCD.ETH, are gaining momentum. We’ve seen a drastic increase in the number of identifiers such as this being acquired and at times used.

These names, commonly called blockchain domains or domain NFTs, aren’t used in the traditional website resolution manner. Web3 identities, such as .ETH, are being used as a way to simplify the naming of blockchain wallets. Rather than a long character string, some users are now simplifying that by pairing their wallet with their .ETH, or .CRYPTO wallet name. Additionally, we are seeing an increasing use as a moniker on social media platforms like Twitter.

As with all new and emerging spaces, there are risks. We don’t quite know the longevity of these names or the potential for name collisions when the next round of ICANN approved TLDs are launched.

And as with the launch of any namespace, there is the potential for brand abuse to occur. We believe that it is prudent for all brand owners to understand the risks and benefits associated with this space and at times, to take action.

GoDaddy does not endorse unregulated name spaces, but because these new technologies do not currently offer reliable or robust dispute mechanisms, we believe defensive registrations are the best brand protection strategy.

GCD is offering a suite of educational, strategic, and tactical services to help our clients better understand and secure the appropriate identifiers to appropriately protect and promote their brands. If you would like to learn more about these Web3 identities or need assistance in procuring ones such as .ETH or .CRYPTO, we are here to assist.

作者:Phil Lodico
With more than 15 years of domain industry experience, Phil has long been a vocal advocate for brand owner’s rights. He was most recently Managing Partner at Fairwinds Partners, the industry’s leading domain name consultancy. While at Fairwinds Partners he advised multinational corporations on their domain name strategies to increase traffic, grow revenues, and improve online customer experiences. He has been actively involved in ICANN’s Business Constituency, was a member of ICANN’s 2009 Nominating Committee, and has served as Vice President of the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA). A graduate from Hobart College, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology, receiving honors for his work in Consumer Choice Theory.


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